V2 COVID Report


Version Two: A Business Perspective on the COVID-19 Coronavirus 

In response to this continued global pandemic, Op4G again surveyed a representative sample of 1,000 U.S consumers regarding public opinion of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  

Download to Learn:

  • How attitudes have changed since the beginning of March 2020 in terms of American confidence in the US government's response to the coronavirus outbreak
  • The percentage of Americans whose social/travel planning have been affected by fear of the contagion
  • The manner in which Americans' work routines have been disrupted and how their workplaces have responded
  • The types of precautions Americans are taking to reduce the threat of becoming ill with COVID-19
  • The economic fears for the global economy based on household income, political affiliation, age group, and more
  • The anticipated duration of the novel coronavirus